Adding vision and value through hedging trade risks

We believe that, ultimately, all players in the food industry benefit from stable market prices. Suppliers want maximum certainty about sales prices, while buyers need predictable cost prices. Hoogwegt has always been at the forefront of risk management in the dairy trade, and our services in this field allow us to hedge trade risks for all those involved. This enables you to commit to agreements with confidence, including long-term financial obligations.

Hedging price risks through future trading

With an annual turnover of €3.5 billion (2014) and activities in over 130 countries, Hoogwegt is the largest privately owned dairy commodity provider in the world. Our presence is truly global and we are large enough to trade in commodity futures ourselves. This position means that we can also help our customers to manage their businesses better and give them more certainty and predictability.

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Decades of experience

A pioneer in risk management

In many parts of the world, such as in the USA, Australia and East Asia, Hoogwegt has been playing a leading role in futures trading for decades. In other regions, where mitigating price risks through futures trading is relatively new, we are regarded as a pioneer in the field.

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