Adding vision and value through high standards of quality assurance

At Hoogwegt, we don’t believe in shortcuts. We believe that quality always pays dividends. That’s why we were among the first in the sector to recognize the need for traceability to ensure food safety and consistency of quality. We have our own Quality Assurance Department, which frequently inspects the production facilities where our customers’ products are manufactured and processed.

Quality standards

We expect all our partners to operate according to the highest standards of quality assurance – and of course, we also apply those same standards to ourselves. Hoogwegt Poland has been certified according to the ISO 22000:2005 standard, and holds certifications for IFS Broker, Organic, and GMP+ Feed safety assurance. Also, we are member of the Sedex system, which promotes ethical and responsible supply chains.

Experts in dairy

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we are regular participants in the programs and mechanisms of EU Common Agricultural Policy led by the Polish Agricultural Market Agency.

Hoogwegt Poland certifications



In-house application lab

For research & development

At our headquarters in the Netherlands, we have a fully equipped application laboratory to analyze and test the physical, microbiological and functional properties of ingredients. If you would like to learn which ingredients best suit your application, we are always happy to conduct the necessary research.

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