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The Hoogwegt Group ships 2 million metric tons of product per year; that is more than 130,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units). These enormous volumes enable us to constantly negotiate the best conditions for our customers. Even more important to our customers, however, is delivery reliability.

In-house logistics solutions

Because of our size and global presence, we can organize all the logistics ourselves. Hoogwegt employs 400 people worldwide, two-thirds of which are back office staff. They specialize in getting your products delivered efficiently and on-time, including the most challenging locations. We provide a comprehensive level of service, arranging all the documents required to ensure worry-free customs clearance.

Our markets

Over the years, we have developed an extensive network of suppliers and brought our dairy products to brand new markets. We export to European countries as well as to the United States, North Africa, and the Middle East. Our primary suppliers are in Poland, but we are also active in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania as well as other European markets.

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Seabird International Shipping

Hoogwegt’s own international forwarding company

Through our sister company Seabird International Shipping, we can provide comprehensive logistics support for both import and export projects, by either conventional or containerized cargo, and using regular liner vessels or chartered tonnage.

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